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What are the Regional Spotlights ? 


Spotlight on the Mid West is the second part in a series of community indicator frameworks being developed in partnership between the nine Western Australian Regional Development Commissions, the WA Department of Regional Development and Lands, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The aim of the Spotlight Project is to bring together selected statistical information about each region, from a wide variety of sources, to provide a practical framework for use in regional strategic management, planning and policy development. Spotlights will shortly be launched for each Development Commission region, with data available at local government area (LGA) geographical level.

The Spotlight on the Mid West was developed in collaboration between the ABS and the Mid West Development Commission (MWDC) after wide consultation with people living, working and delivering services in the Mid West region. The ABS and MWDC would like to acknowledge the strong support of all the people and organisations who provided input to the identification of indicators selected for inclusion in the framework. In addition, they would also like to thank the many data custodians for their willing cooperation in providing statistical information for the creation of the indicators.

The release of these community indicators in a web-based format allows for their ongoing update and modification over time, as issues evolve and change in the regions.

In the future, Spotlights for each region will contain a core suite of shared indicators, together with region-specific indicators added to reflect the critical issues identified for each region.


Work on the core suite of shared indicators for all regions of WA, and on the region-specific Spotlight on the Peel, is nearing completion. When launched, these Spotlights will provide a whole-of-State view of regional Western Australia, joining the existing Mid West and Pilbara region-specific Spotlights




Following consultation with community, business and service providers in the region, an initial list of 125 indicators was developed. Indicators were partitioned into 3 broad themes: Social, Economic & Environmental.


A range of different community issues were identified across the Mid West where measures of change were established. Where possible these issues have been reported upon at the local government level as well as the Mid West regional level. 

The final indicator framework can be viewed


Analytical commentary for all indicators and appropriate data in the form of graphs, tables and comments can be found when navigating around this site. Further information such as the source of the data, the raw data sets and the frequency the data is updated is also available on each indicator page under the <more data> link.


During the data collection stage, it was found that data for several indicators were unavailable for a range of reasons including confidentiality, the sensitive nature of the data and that data simply did not exist. Many of these indicators have been identified for possible collection through future community and business surveys, filling the information gaps and reporting on community attitudes to issues.